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ProFace X/FTD


Title Description
Face Recognition Latest visible light facial recognition technology
Touchless Verification Contactless palm recognition
High Speed Temperature Detection 0.1s Temperature Detection
Face Mask Detection Deny access to those who are not wearing a mask
Ultimate Anti-Spoofing Ability Against almost all types of fake photos/videos attack
Ultra-large Capacity Store 30,000 faces and 1,000,000 transaction logs


Title Description
PRODUCT DIMENSION (W X H X D), mm 279 x 143 x 27
(W X H X D), mm MICROPROCESSOR 900MHz Dual Core Customized AI CPU
MEMORY 512MB RAM/8G Flash, 8" High light (400lux) IPS Touch LCD
Face 30,000 (1:N), 50,000 (Upon request)
Palm 5,000 (1:N)
Transaction 1,000,000 / 2,000,000 (Upon request)
Registered User Photo 30,000
User Verification Photo 10,000
COMMUNICATION TCP/IP, RS485/RS232, Wi-Fi (Upon request)