SITUBONDO, - Recorded CCTV cameras when stealing laptops Acer at Seagate Computer electronics store, having its address at Patokan Village, Situbondo, East Java, Dadang was arrested by police at his home , Panji Lor Village, Panji District, Wednesday (11/28/2012) night. Dadang, who was involved in the theft of a cellphone at a counter in 2010, was taken to the Situbondo police station.

"I do not remember, because when I took the bag containing the laptop the Acer brand, I was under the influence of liquor, aka drunk," he told investigator Satreskrim, Situbondo police on Thursday (11/29/2012).

Obtained, the theft took place when the perpetrator pretended to repair a laptop belonging to a broken parent. However, when he saw the shopkeeper being unaware, the perpetrator immediately took and draped a bag containing the customer's laptop to be serviced at the store. After that, Dadang immediately ran away.

"We only realized after seeing CCTV footage. Because, at night the store was crowded, so when we realized there were thieves, we immediately reported to the police. One hour later, the police arrested him," said Sadik, a computer shop owner.

Meanwhile, Head of Situbondo Regional Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Sunarto confirmed the arrest of the laptop theft . According to him, the perpetrators of the theft were caught, after the action was recorded by CCTV cameras at the electronics store.