KEDIRI, - Kediri Kota Sector Police, East Java, secured Alex Triandoko (27) and Puji Slamet (41), two shoplifters in a shopping center in Kediri. The two residents from Mojokerto were caught after the action was recorded by a surveillance camera or CCTV.

Chief of the Kediri City Police Public Relations Subdivision Adjunct Commissioner Surono said, the two perpetrators were secured when they were about to leave the retail Ramayana on Monday (02/12/2013), by the supermarket's internal security officers who had overseen their actions through CCTV. Evidence in the form of four pieces of jacket hidden behind the suspect's clothes.

"Now both are still in the process of being investigated," Surono said on Tuesday.

Surono added, from the examination it was known that there were still two other suspects involved and were still in pursuit of officers. When viewed from the mode used, he suspects the perpetrators are members of the syndicate of clothing theft specialists in shopping centers.

Suspect Alex Triandoko admitted, each member has their own duties and roles. Suspect Eko (DPO) served as the taker of the clothes on the shelf, then handed over to the suspect Praise Slamet for being taken to the dressing room. From the dressing room, it was then handed over to Alex to be taken out.

"I hid (stolen clothes) behind my jacket," Alex Triandoko said when met at the Kediri City Police Headquarters.

He also claimed that this was the first time he had stolen and that was because of the invitation of suspect Eko. He claimed to have been tricked by Eko because he had previously only been invited to shop.

Now the suspects are still being secured at the Kediri City Police Headquarters. While the evidence is in the form of four jackets worth Rp. 1.6 million.