PALU, - The act of theft with a broken glass mode on the Immigration Office, Palu, Central Sulawesi, on Wednesday (10/31/2012) yesterday was hidden camera or closed- circuit television (CCTV). From the CCTV footage, a red Yaris car was seen parked on the Immigration Office yard on Jalan Kartini.

The owner of a known car named Tirana Sagita then entered the Immigration office. Not long after, there was an adult man approaching the car with the police number DN 1 Ky. Then the man wearing the black shirt was seen calling someone. He then left the Immigration Office yard.

Shortly thereafter the man entered the Immigration office yard again. Suddenly the man approached the motorbike who had just entered the office yard. Then the man returned to approach the red Yaris car.

Very quickly the man broke the window of the car to the left and took something from the car. After carrying out the action, the perpetrator fled with his friend.

Palu's immigration chief, Arman Andrya, who first saw the glass of the Yaris car break. "I happened to have just come out. When I returned to the office I saw the glass of the Yaris was broken. Then I went inside and told him that there was a car with the windows broken," Arman said on Thursday (1/11/2012).

According to Arman, the owner claimed that only the SIM, KTP and other important documents were taken by the perpetrators. "He said there was no cash," Arman said again.

According to him this incident was the first time it had happened in his office. Now, according to Arman, CCTV footage that records the theft of broken glass has been handed over to the local police station for the purpose of investigation.