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R2 - R2i

Increasingly answering basic human needs in the field of security has increasingly proven the importance of the existence of biometric technology. R2 is a fingerprint scanner system that is ideal for those who need practical security controls at an affordable price. The combination of R2 and R2i that we have will provide absolute comfort for users who want control biometrics at the entrance and outside. R2 offers an easy operation and is equipped with a USB port so you can easily transfer data. R2 comes with TCMS V2 software that gives more capabilities in processing data so that data can be arranged easily and neatly. In addition, on the R2 terminal the operating system uses Linux, so users can flexibly integrate Firmware and change the desired functions. R2 can also be integrated with other equipment. R2, an easy solution for your security.


Title Description
Standalone don't need a computer
User Capacity 3.000 fingerprints
Log Capacity 100.000 Transaction
Verification method fingers, pins, fingers and pins
PC Communication TCP/IP (RJ45), USB Disk
Response Time <= 1 second
Features LCD, Web Server, Schedule Bell, SMS Message, Function Key


Title Description
model r2
type of scanner optical (default)
product dimension 94 x 50 x 189
fingerprints templates 3000
transaction 120000
Enrollment & verification
methods fingerprint (1:1, 1:n),password & card
Card technology
rfid : 64-bit, 125 khz yes
method tcp/ip, rs232, rs485,usb flash disk
wiegand 26-bit input/output
Operating environment
temperature (oc) 0 - 45o
power input dc 12v 3a
Access control
em lock driving output dc 12v 3a / relay output
alarm output no / nc
antipassback yes